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I have seen Dr. Miley since I was pregnant with my 7th child. I now have 13! She has kept my back and neck comfortable and pain free. Dr. Miley is the first doctor to work on me who actually helped my chronic stiff neck and hip/back pain. Her office is child-friendly, clean, soothing, etc. She and her staff are kind, friendly, gentle, caring & personable. I highly recommend this office! - B. Miller, May, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim Miley since September 26, 2001. She has taken care of my chiropractic needs in every way, and is always there for me during the critical times. I have had back problems since I was a teenager, and I am stronger today than I have been in years.

I realize how important maintenance is and plan to continue to have chiropractic care of the rest of my life. Dr. Miley has taught me how to care for my body, how to use it correctly from sitting to standing, from bending to lifting, from running to sleeping.

I thank Dr. Miley for the wonderful care and patience for all of these years so far. I consider her not only my doctor, but also my friend. - Sharon D. Motta, July 28, 2014

My entire life I was too scared to go to a chiropractor. Finally, at 31 years old and also 31 weeks pregnant, I decided to give it a try because I was waking up numerous times in the night from hip and back pain. My midwife recommended Dr. Miley based on her own positive personal experience. I am so glad I got over my fear and went to see her because after 3 visits I was already sleeping better and it wasn't the scary experience I had built up in my mind. In fact, it was relaxing! At 34 weeks pregnant, I fell down a couple of stairs and bruised my back. Dr. Miley saw me the next day. She was very gentle and she was still able to adjust me. The relief I felt from the adjustment was incredible. I slept soundly that night and it had everything to do with Dr. Miley's treatment. I went from avoiding the chiropractor like the plague to looking forward to my appointments because they are so helpful and relaxing. I would highly recommend Dr. Miley. She is pleasant, gentle and very good at what she does! - N. Bankus, June 16, 2014

I have been a patient of Kim's since 2007 when I had the experience of crushing a box fan across the small of my back while helping friends load things in a moving truck. It took Kim a few weeks to put me back in place, but she has got parts of my lower back to move that 4 other chiropractors could not. Kim tells me if it hurts, to stop. I told her that when the job I am working on is done, she gets to put this Humpty Dumpy back together again and again... I consider Kim to be one of the Guardian Angels in my life of farm work, wood splitting and all other things that JoCo just doesn't understand. - Jeremy Little, April 23, 2014

Dr. Miley has helped my family maintain good health for years. She especially helped by husband recover after he was hit by a car while riding his bike. My chronic neck and back pain have been managed with her care as well as occasional migraines were relieved. Don't let her diminutive stature or gentle manner fool you. She is professional and can treat even the largest patient. - Anne Dale, April 9, 2014

We have had the pleasure of being patients of Dr. Kim Miley, DC for the past 5 years or more. Her staff, surroundings, and especially Dr. Kim, make us very comfortable. Both of us have shoulder and neck pain, and I am suffering with low back pain due to spinal stenosis. Dr. Kim has been able to help us with these limitations. She doesn't "push" us to keep coming back. We WANT to do so in order to lessen our pain. -James & Barbara Beatty, March 28, 2014

I grew up in a house where chiropractors were not considered effective. When I got older and my own neck/back became SO painful, I went to many different chiropractors that reinforced my upbringing. When I was referred to Kim, I was in so much pain that I didn't know where else to turn. So many doctors/chiropractors/ER physicians etc had FAILED me. Kim took the time. Kim made it better. She made it livable again. -Bridget Miller

I just need to take a second and sing the praises of Dr. Kim Miley. She has been treating me since I was pregnant with my first child, who is now 4 and we just had our third child at the end of June. He has been my most trying kid. I had never even thought about chiropractic adjustments for newborns until he started showing signs of colic and people were suggesting it. After taking him in for one treatment, he slept through the entire night! I'm rejuvenated and I am sure so is my son. Night and day difference and I am so thankful!!! I wish I had done this for all of my kids:). Thank you thank you Dr. Miley!! -Jaclyn Cheever

I would like to thank Dr. Kim Miley for my amazing progress on the road to wellness. I started seeing Dr. Miley in April 2012 for chronic back problems. I began seeing Dr. Miley once a week and the progress was quick, I am now seeing her every 2 weeks and I feel wonderful. My pain level has dropped to about a one or two and I am able to have better range of motion and more stamina. Dr. Miley has given me exercises to do at home and I am following her advice building my core muscles to strengthen my back muscles. She is very honest and helpful with may questions regarding health and I put into practice her information. I would highly recommend Dr. Miley to anyone experiencing any type of joint pain and those wanting to just get healthy.
-June R Vigen

I would recommend Dr. Miley to anyone who suffers from chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches. She truly cares about her patients and frequently goes out of her way to ensure that quality care is delivered. -Susan Wolfe

A health care facility in Overland Park referred me to Dr. Miley for further treatment after a prominent physician operated to relieve pain from one ruptured disc and two that were bulging. My pain was unbearable after several shots in my spine, insoles ($300.00) plus change - my pain had not receded! The clinic could not help my chronic back pain, they phoned Dr. Miley to make an appointment for therapy. After x-rays were taken Dr. Kim, as I sometimes refer to her, started treatments adjusting and training my spine to stay in line. Her therapy and note keeping have helped me gain financial assistance from Social Security, as well as early retirement. Due to Dr. Miley’s professional note keeping and strict practices of chiropractic therapy, massages by Tiffani Davis, LMT on staff at Miley Chiropractic and taking my medications as prescribed through my health care provider, my pain has become more manageable! I feel so fortunate to have thad the opportunity to be treated by such a professional doctor, my personal confidence has truly been restored. Thank you and good luck!
- Thomas DeCelles

My experience with Miley Chiropractic has been a truly outstanding one. I would highly recommend both Dr. Kim Miley and massage therapist, Tiffani Davis, to other people seeking relief of arthritis, pain and stiffness of the joints, back pain and muscular problems or dysfunction. Their professionalism and dedication to patient care never fails to impress me.
Personally, when I began my visits to Miley Chiropractic in late 2004, I had been experiencing neck, shoulder, and mid-back pain on a daily basis for many years. I was also slowly losing my flexibility and range of motion in both of my shoulders. Since that time I am thrilled to report that I have seen my neck pain reduced to almost zero. My shoulder pain is both much less intense and much less frequent. Finally, I have seen my shoulder strength and flexibility improve dramatically. The muscle mass surrounding my shoulder blades is much healthier and toned now. I have significantly increase range of motion in both shoulders (which, incidentally, has helped me start playing more and better golf). In general, I feel a vitality in my upper torso that I can not say I felt before. For all of this, I am gratedful to my friends at Miley Chiropractic for the roles they have played in my improved heath.
I currently make regular visits to Miley Chiropractic at 3-4 week intervals for spinal adjustments, rang of motion exercises and massage therapy. I consider it a critical part of taking good care of my body and improving the quality of my life.
- Bernard Ruysser

Miley Chiropractic is a family friendly office. My daughters love to come when I get my adjustments. Kim's expert care was so vital to my post-partum recovery as well as maintenance for my everyday stresses. -Erica Frans

She has kept me in much better shape. Her personal touch & caring really have been a comfort. I have had the pleasure of being Kim's patient pretty much since she setup where she's at now. I saw a previous chiro & when I read her ad about her active release to the muscle before the adjustment, it made me curious to try it out. I suffered from muscle spasms & fibromyalgia. She has kept me in much better shape than the previous one. Her personal touch & caring really have been a comfort.
- Kottman Family

We would recommend Dr. Miley to anyone who needs chiropractic or nutriotional care. She will always take the time needed to explain her diagnosis. Dr. Miley is a caring, knowledgeable chiropractor. She is honest, friendly and always willing to give 100% to patient care. The office staff is friendly and able to answer insurance & billing questions. We have been patients for about 4 1/2 years and return when we need her expertise. We would recommend Dr. Miley to anyone who needs chiropractic or nutritional care. She will always take the time needed to explain her diagnosis.
- Wailes Family

We drive 90 miles to get treatment and we appreciate their care and meeting our needs. Our son referred us to Miley Chiropractic when we were looking for someone to adjust our backs. He had been very pleased with the backcare and advice he received after an injury to his spine. We drive 90 miles to get treatment and we appreciate their care and meeting our needs.- Oldenburger Family

I have an extremely physical job and when I need relief I know I can get it at Miley Chiropractic. When I am there I feel like I'm part of a family, they always made me feel at home. (Steve Campbell, suffered from disc pain) - Steve Campbell

We appreciate the time and patience they give us - as well as - great chiropractic care! Chiropractic care has been a part of our family's lives for many years. At some point or another we have needed and preferred chiropractic care over medication or surgery. Through the years we have found that there are some great chiropractors and some not so great ones. When Dr. Kim Miley was recommended to us - we were thrilled to have found another great chiropractor. Not only has Kim Miley, Tiffani Davis, and staff been there for us on many occasions - but they have also become like family to us. We appreciate the time and patience they give us - as well as - great chiropractic care! - Michael, Sharon, Danny & April Motta

Dr. Miley's patients are always well informed when they enter our office. I think she has excellent diagnostic skills and I know my patients are cared for with respect and concern. Dr. Miley's patients appreciate her willingness to communicate with their other physicians. - Daniel Bruning, M.D.

I am more than happy to write a strong letter of recommendation for you and your practice. Personally, I feel most privileged to be one of your first and longest term patients. You have worked miracles for me.
As you know, for several years, I played Men's Senior Baseball despite creaky knees and an aging body. Because of your fantastic work, I was able to play competitively into my mid-50s! Additionally, you have continued to help reduce and eliminate pain from my back, my shoulder, my neck, my legs, and on and on and on.
Every person whom I have sent to you has come away as pleased as I am. Your professionalism as well as your personal dedication to each of your patients equals a winning combination.
Thank you for all you do and have done. I hope that your next decade is even better than the last. - Mike Holmes